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Bio-Nordic Ltd is a UK based Consulting Distributor specialising in the design and supply of renewable energy generation, systems and networks for the built environment .

Our origins lie in connecting Scandinavian sourced bio-energy technologies, design principles and expertise to the marketplace helping to enable the British Isles achieve its essential emissions reduction targets and to develop affordable , sustainable , and community focused alternative energy strategies.

Renewable Energy Design Consultancy

Decades of in-house and supplier sourced renewables design experience and product awareness allows us to conceive and specify highly efficient, robust, and easily maintained low carbon systems , tailored to suit our customers’ technical and budgetary requirements.

Our Services


Bio Nordic provide extensive Information, Training and Feasibility Support for anyone looking for Zero Carbon Energy solutions. Our consultancy covers the following areas:

  • Grant, tariff or Loan application support
  • Budgeting Costs, Strategic Planning and Project Management
  • Engineering design (water, building services & Renewables)
  • CAD services, Engineering troubleshooting
  • Health and Safety Management (CDM Coordinator)
  • Site supervision, service and maintenance contract support
  • Performance and Fulll Design specifications


Bio-Nordic is the UK licensed distributer of

  • Wood chip drying and storage products
  • Biomass Heating boilers
  • Storage and Feed Products
  • Heat Metering devices
  • Fluidised Pellet fuel feed
  • Thermo Hydraulic controls
  • Biomass Air Heat products

Our Unique Industry Experience and Supplier Relationships

Bio-Nordic is built upon 30 years of experience in Sweden's biomass industry and is one of the most respected consultancies working within the clean energy sector in the UK, Sweden and Norway.

Bio-Nordic is a true ambassador of clean energy and biomass solutions with decades of knowledge amassed in Scandinavia. We are the go to experts for individuals and large organisation alike looking for clean energy solutions, bringing Scandinavian know how to the rest of the UK. The depth of understanding and respect that has been developed between Bio-Nordic's engineers and the Scandinavian suppliers allowed us to offer our installers and clients an enviable level of support. Please see our case studies to learn more


Bio Nordic works closely with trained installers; all are MCS Certified. We have close partnerships with experienced building services and rural engineering contracts to deliver a full turn-key design and build service. Bio Nordic offer on-site handling assembly and installation, and various tiers of service and maintenance support. Our installers are supported further by a UK based expert supervisory Installation agency.

Bio-Nordic is the most experienced company in the field of Carbon Neutral Energy spanning the UK and Scandinavia.

Products used

  • Ariterm
  • Efecta
  • Gotfire
  • Jern Försen
  • Reka
  • Acron
  • Mafa


Whatever your needs we aim to give accurate, clear and comprehensive advice; highly efficient, robust and easily maintained products and systems; and costs that offer excellent value for money.

Whilst we specialise in delivering Scandinavian sourced bio-energy technologies, we may often recommend and/or supply products literally from around the globe if we believe they offer the most appropriate solution in a given situation.

Bio-Nordic offers in-house design expertise and a range of products for renewables applications for every sector:

e.g: our Bio-Nordic Heat division for Biomass Heating :

Residential: stoves and boiler stoves 2-10kW, and boilers from 12t-45kW

Commercial: boilers and Air Heaters 25kw through to 0.5MW.

Industrial , including District Heating scale:

Low and medium temperature hot water – 200kW to 7 MW & multiples

Steam (Saturated; up to 16 Bar Pressure) – up to 5MW.

Providing domestic hot water, heat (hot air and hot water) and steam for almost any application; from domestic homes, offices, community buildings, schools, and hospitals through to workshops, factory heating and industrial processes.

Case Studies
We cover three countries.


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Yorkshire Riding Centre

Chris Bartle, Olympic horse riding coach to the German team, needed a new heating solution at his riding centre in North Yorkshire. A mix of residential properties, offices, and accommodation to let, the answer looked to be a small district heating scheme. ‘We needed to replace our old oil-fired boilers and Bio-Nordics solution of two biomass boilers working together, future proofed our heating system while also making long-term financial sense.’ said Chris.

The installation went on-line in December.

‘It is wonderful to return to a warm and inviting room, after a day's riding.’ Chris added, ‘I would recommend other riding centres look into biomass heating.’

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Eleanor & Glyn – The Barn

Eleanor and Glyn bought The Barn in 2009. They wanted to develop a highly efficient, environmentally friendly home and started by adding solar panels and a solar thermal store.

Seeking to reduce their bills still further they then added an Ariterm Biomatic wood pellet boiler.

It was important to them that the boiler, flue and MAFA pellet store should be blended to match the house. So the boiler was put into a small outbuilding with the pellet store to its rear, encased in a wooden surround.

The flue was then brick in to match the existing chimney of the house.

“We were very pleased with the final installation and of course the savings and RHI means we will have recouped the cost of installation within five years.”

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Hollie and Family

Hollie and family bought their Georgian property in Yorkshire as a renovation project in 2011.

Advised by Native Architects, York, they decided to install an Ariterm Biomatic biomass boiler.

“We saw the oil prices go up and a choice that would make us independent from this would make us feel less vulnerable” said Hollie.

The house has over 400 square meters of space and when the calculations for heating the house, which has no mains gas, were made, biomass pellet offered over £8000 of savings over oil and lpg.

“It means we can have the heating on whenever we want, which is great when you have a young family”

Holliess' boiler and pellet store were put into an outbuilding at the rear of their house.The pellet is lorry delivered and blown into the pellet store which lies next to the boiler in an outbuilding.

The system cost just over £20,000, but with the saving in fuel costs plus the RHI, Hollie can expect a payback within four years.

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Trevor – The Cottage

Trevor and his wife moved into a cottage adjacent to his sons house in Yorkshire over 5 years ago. The two properties were large and they soon found themselves to be freezing cold, with not enough hot water. The heating bills were prohibitively expensive, so much so that they had to seal off part of the house.

“Keeping warm was a major problem …we were spending so much on heating” About £4,500 per annum.

Locally made pellet store integrated into their outbuildings.Trevor found Bio-Nordic through another biomass scheme Bio-Nordic had installed nearby.

James Haigh, of Bio-Nordic, came to their property and completed an energy survey. His architectural and engineering experience reassured them that biomass could be the solution.

This resulted in them installing an Ariterm Biocomp+60 wood pellet boiler. This was coupled to their own design of pellet store, cleverly concealed in a brick built outbuilding.

“I was reassured by the fact the boilers are Scandinavian made with over 40 years' experience in biomass energy.”.

The wood pellets are delivered just twice a year. They come in bulk, wind blown from the tanker to the store, cleanly and efficiently, by the fuel provider. The fuel costs have been cut by over 60%!

The £21,000 investment will be paid back within five years.

Trevor said, “It’s the best things we have ever done. We can now afford to open up the whole house.”

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More Soon.

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Northowram Community Centre

Northowram were looking for a solution for their expensive old 120Kw gas boiler. I calculated that with with a new Ariterm 60Kw biomass boiler they would get the same performance as they got from the existing boiler, save 50% on their annual fuel bill and then gain a further £3000 per year of income from the RHI. They installed the boiler within three months and the first RHI check has just arrived. They couldn't be happier.

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Northowram Community Centre

Northowram were looking for a solution for their expensive old 120Kw gas boiler. I calculated that with a new Ariterm 60Kw biomass boiler they would get the same performance as they got from the existing boiler, save 50% on their annual fuel bill and then gain a further £3000 per year of income from the RHI. They installed the boiler within three months and the first RHI check has just arrived. They couldn't be happier.


The following Financial Support is available:


Renewable heating incentive (domestic).


Renewable heating incentive (business).

Meet James

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Connect with me through the following:

James Haigh
Managing Director

James Haigh is the CEO of Bio-Nordic and a member of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers consulting in Low carbon technologies. James has over 35 years' experience with the UK HVAC industry and is the founder of LEDA which specializes in Sustainable Building and Services design. CDM Registered and member of the Association for Project Safety (Construction)

Awards – Queens Award for Business Enterprise for Sustainable Development.


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